• Arch. Dragomir Dragan

    Guest Speaker, D-Context Studio

    Arch. Dragomir Dragan

    Guest Speaker, D-Context Studio



    Extension and facade for Hotel Lido in Timisoara

    The project is the first resolution of a relatively complicated design issues as location and technique possibility.

    The solution itself comes in a varied standpoint volumetric context and the intervention creates besides technical and functional settlement, a new image that changes the current situation into an more uniform look, creating a positive focus for the built environment in the area.

    The solution is exemplifying the incisive and with personality positive effect that a correct intervention need to have, in an existing building context. Also curtain facade using a cantilever on the proposed value rather bold and directed towards the center of the intersection of two avenues where it is located, creates a strong visual impact both for pedestrians and for the users of the conference/events hall.

    Glazing with a line of dynamic design line continued in volumetric proposed, it is a full-length inner hall, gives users a panoramic view of the urban context and thanks to the project console in wich it is materialized also a perceptual effect of floating above the area.

    The project was appreciated locally and passed the preselection solutions participating in Bucharest Architecture Biennale in 2014, featured in the exhibition event and published in its catalog.


    The national contest for architecture students “ARCHITECTURE AS RESOURCE” UIA Berlin 2002.

    Prize in Contemporary Romanian Project contest by magazine DeArhitectura 2004 .

    2nd place in the Beautification Ruins Archaeological Center Cluj 2004


    Dragomir Dragan is an architect and associate at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism from the Politehnica Timisoara.

    Since 2003 when he completed his studies, he had several internships working in architectural offices in France and the United States. He earns awards and nominations in architecture or graphics competitions with varied work he performs, His rich experience places him in specialized courses for the Ist architectural year design representations and architectural projection in Politehnica Timisoara Architectural And Urbanism Faculty.

    Since 2009 he operates entirely the personal firm, D-Context Studio (DCXS), where constant participate in Timisoara annuals of architecture or architecture competitions in France along with local partner companies.

    Currently, consistency with results is beginning to emerge with projects contracted and realised or increasingly large and complex as themes practice of architecture with students. The results appear in the form of invitations to conferences architecture or graphics, in supporting workshops.